10 Natural Hair Growth Tips

10 Natural Hair Growth Tips

10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
Everyone wants his hair to be black, dense and shiny. Women are very sensitive in this case. They have black, dense and shiny hair as well as long hair.
Therefore, they often try out ways to enhance hair growth. However, women make many kinds of mistakes in trying out the ways to make hair longer. As they often change their shampoo or use something that has a hair loss chemical.
In fact, because of the lack of proper information, hair may be harmed rather than profit due to the adoption of some measures to increase hair. Therefore, in this article today we are going to tell you about some home remedies for hair growth, which is easy for hair to be safe with.
The main reasons why hair is not long
Before you know about the steps to make the hair long, it is important to know the reasons for hair loss or weakness.
  • growing old
  • Heredity
  • Bad food or excessive outdoor food
  • Nutrient deficiencies in food
  • Tension
  • Hormonal balance disturbances
  • Changes in weather or environment
  • Excessive intake of drugs
  • Use a variety of things on the hair or keep the hair ticking all the time
  • Poly Signal Overy Syndrome - PCOS (Disease-related illness due to hormonal balance)

Home remedy for hair growth
Let's now know about some home remedies for hair growth.
 1 onion juice
10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
1 two onions
2 Piece of cotton
Method of use
Cut the onion finely and take out its juice. Put the juice in the hair with the help of a piece of cotton. Keep the juice in the hair for fifteen minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo.
How does help
Onion juice is rich in sulfur, which promotes the production of collagen in tissues. This helps the hair to grow again. Try this recipe once or twice a week.

Before applying the onion juice in the entire hair, keep it in a small part of your head. If you feel itching or burning in that part of the head, then do not use this recipe.
2 Castor oil or castor oil
1 castor oil
2 Soak towels with light lukewarm water
3 lemon juice
Method of use
After massaging the hair with lukewarm castor oil, wrap the towel over the head for twenty minutes. If you want to remove the viscosity of the oil, add one or two drops of lemon juice in it.
How does help
Castor oil is considered one of the most beneficial oils for natural hair treatment. By applying castor oil, the hair grows fast along with being thick and soft. This oil gives moisture to the hair and the two mouth reduces the hair. To get good results, put castor oil twice in the hair twice a week.
If you are allergic to castor oil or if you have itching or irritation after applying it, then do not use this recipe.
3 Curry leaf
1 A bowl curry leaves
2 Half cup coconut oil
Method of use
Heat curry leaves in coconut oil and then filter the leaves and let the oil cool down. Massage your hair roots with this oil. Wash the hair after one hour of massage.
How does help
Curry leaves help hair to grow and prevents them from becoming unevenly white. Actually, curry leaves are considered to be a good source of protein and beta carotene. These two things prevent hair from falling and thin.
4 Egg
1 An egg
Method of use
Cut the raw egg into the hair and then wash it with shampoo after a while.
How does help
Eggs contain nutrients such as proteins, sulfur, zinc, iron, iodine, and phosphorus. The protein found in it is beneficial for hair. In addition, vitamins A, E, and D present in the egg increase the glow of hair and reduce their fall. You can use this recipe a week, once or twice.
5 Coconut oil
Method of use
Massage hair by humming coconut oil before sleeping and keep the oil in full overnight. Wash the hair the next morning.
How does help
Coconut oil removes the deficiency of protein in hair and makes hair healthy.
6 Ginger
10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
10 Natural Hair Growth Tips
Method of use
Ginger the ginger and take out its juice. Put the juice in the hair and wash hair with shampoo after thirty minutes.
How does help
Ginger improves the flow of blood in our head and helps the hair grow.
7 Mustard oil
Method of use
Massage hair with mustard oil at night and wash hair with shampoo the next day.
How does help
Mustard oil contains omega-3, which is very good for hair health.
If possible, then only add mustard oil in the hair at night. Actually, putting the mustard oil in the day increases the risk of dust and dust on the hair.
8 Leaf of guava
1 According to the length and density of your hair, take guava leaves
2 Shampoo
3 Lukewarm water
Method of use
Put the leaves of guava in water and boil them for twenty minutes and then filter the water. After this, shampoo your hair and let it dry. When the hair is completely dried, then massage your hair with the water extracted with guava leaves. Wash the hair with lukewarm water after two or three hours of massage.
How does help
Guava leaves contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these properties, the leaves of guava can help repair the damaged focus of the hair. Also, the antimicrobial properties of guava leaves protect us from infection in the skin of the head.
9 Gooseberry
1 Two spoonful amla powder or amla juice
2 Two teaspoon lemon juice
Method of use
Mix the mixture of amla powder or amla juice with lemon juice and prepare the mixture. Put this mixture in your hair and let it dry for some time. After this wash the hair with lukewarm water.
How does help
Amla contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamins, which help keep hair healthy and increase its size. This tip should be used once a month to maintain good hair health.
10 Almond oil
Method of use
Massage hair with almond oil before sleeping in the night and wash hair with shampoo the next morning.
How does help
Almond oil reduces itching in the head and transports moisture to the skin of the head. It also helps to make hair stronger and shine, as well as grow it faster.
The perfect diet to enhance hair
Your eating habits also affect the health of your hair. So, below we are going to tell the names of some such things, whose consumption is considered beneficial for hair health.
What should we eat
1 Green vegetables, such as Spinach, Carrot, Beans, etc.
2 Dried fruits, such as cashews, raisins, almonds, etc.
3 Seasonal fruits, such as apple, orange, pomegranate, berry, avocado, banana, sweet potato, etc.
4 If you are non-vegetarian, then eat eggs and fish.
5 Drink plenty of water.
In fact, for good health of the hair, nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, B, C, and magnesium are needed. These nutrients are found in abundance in the above-mentioned things.
Do not eat
Now we are going to tell you the names of those things that can affect your hair health by eating food. The person who wants black, dense and long hair should avoid these things.
1 Do not consume alcohol.
2 Do not eat too sweet.
3 Do not eat soda beverages.
4 Do not eat too much oil or extra food.
Some other ways to increase hair
What to do?
1 Massage oil in the hair regularly. Do the massage of the head at least twice a week by putting oil in your hair roots.
2 Get plenty of sleep. If sleep is not over, you may become stressed and irritable, and due to this, you may complain of hair loss.
3 Sleep by having a hair in the night. Doing so will not break your hair by rubbing it together.
4 Regularly do hair trimming. For every two-three months, keep the hair lightly so that you do not have a problem of two-mouth hair.
Do not you?
1 Do not shave hair immediately after shampooing. Due to dusting the wet hair they can weaken and break.
2 Do not shampoo more. Shampoo more hair can be hairy and lifeless. Therefore, do not shampoo more than two times a week.
3 Do not scrub the hair too loudly
4 Do not wash hair with hot water.
5 Do not sleep by keeping the hair open at night.

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