What To Eat To Reduce Acne

What To Eat To Reduce Acne

What To Eat To Reduce Acne
What To Eat To Reduce Acne
By improving dietary habits, acne or pimples can be avoided to a great extent. Let us know what we should include in our diet and what to avoid in order to prevent pimples. So below we are telling you what to eat and do not eat in the food to avoid pimple:

What should we eat?
What To Eat To Reduce Acne
What To Eat To Reduce Acne
Eat green leafy vegetables, cucumber, sweet potato, carrot, and capsicum.
Add seasonal fruits to your diet.
Regularly eat curd.
Drink Green Tea.
Eat walnuts, cashews, and raisins.
Do not eat?
Do not eat too much oil or junk food such as pizza, burgers, noodles, etc.
Avoid eating too many sweet foods.
Stay away from things that have more glycemic content, such as white bread, white rice, processed food, etc.
Pimple connection with vitamins
Certain vitamins have a direct connection to the problem of pimples or acne. If we protect ourselves from the lack of these vitamins, then the problem of Pimple can be easily overcome. Let us know about these vitamins names and their sources one by one:
To prevent Vitamin-A-Pimples, you should eat such things, which contain plenty of Vitamin-A. Actually, vitamin A has the properties of an antioxidant and it is very beneficial for your brain, eyes, and skin. Also, vitamins-A prevents cells from being dead in the skin. To remove the shortage of Vitamin-A, you can consume vegetables like spinach, carrot, and sweet potato.

Vitamin-D - Vitamin-D makes your skin soft and shiny. It relaxes the irritation of acne and helps you fight infection. To avoid Vitamin-D deficiency, you can consume eggs, orange juice, and milk.

Vitamin-E - It is also a type of antioxidant that helps in retaining moisture in the skin. Apart from this, Vitamin-E also protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only this, but it also increases the ability to fight diseases of our body. Due to this nature of Vitamin-E, the number of bacteria responsible for pimples is not increased. To avoid a shortage of Vitamin-E, you can eat things such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios, and cashew nuts.
Acne treatment
Well, acne or pimples are very common nowadays. But, if the problem of pimples is not overcome by domestic remedies then you should immediately consult the doctor. At the moment below, we are telling you about home remedies and some other treatments that treat Pimple:

Laser treatment - In this modern method of treatment, pulsed laser rays are used to kill bacteria present in acne. This method controls monies and reduces the possibility of acne in the future.
Homeopathic Remedies - This method of treatment focuses on removing the root cause of acne. This is a holistic treatment method that can help you get relief from an acne breakout. For the treatment of acne, homeopathy doctors usually recommend the use of medicines made from sulfur, black bromate, arctilamapa, belladonna, and nux vomica. However, you should not take any medication without consulting the doctor.
Herbal remedies - In this treatment method, treatment is usually done in the home or around the house, with the help of turmeric, neem, garlic, aloe vera, etc.
Treatment with Blue Light - This is the newest method for acne treatment. It is used to treat red acne and swollen acne. Actually, the bacteria called Propionibacterium Annes are considered to be responsible for acne. The bacteria that live in our skin oil glands are destroyed when they come in contact with blue light. In addition, the heat of the blue light starts shrinking the skin glands of the skin, making less sodium. This can be a good treatment for acne.
Ayurvedic treatment - Ayurvedic method of acne treatment and the herbal method usually uses similar herbs. To make Ayurvedic medicines, dry and fresh herbs are mixed in a certain quantity. Usually treatment of Ayurveda Vaidya acne, usually Triphala recommends taking Ayurvedic medicines such as Guggul, Chandanasawa, and Sarivadiasawa.
Acne prevention
The problem of acne can be avoided by including the suggestions given below in your lifestyle:

Wash your face twice daily. This clears dust and dust on your face, and the risk of getting a pimple is greatly reduced.
Put a habit of washing your makeup brush thoroughly. It does not grow bacteria in the brush.
Drink ten to twelve glasses of water every day so that the impurities of your body keep coming out.
If a pimple leaves, then do not press it. By doing so, the pimple can spread to other places.
Eating more salt can be a pimple, so take a limited amount of salt.
Put a habit of taking nutritious and balanced diet.
Take the steam, it helps to open the skin pores and easily removes the pimples and blackheads.
Do not touch your face at all times. By doing so, the bacteria present in your hand can reach the skin of your face and make you a victim of the pimple.
Although pimples are a common problem, having frequent pimples can reduce the brightness and beauty of your skin. We hope that by adopting the prescribed home remedies on our part, your pimples can be cured to a great extent. However, if you are allergic to any of the above-mentioned foods or applying, then take the doctor's advice before starting his intake.

You must tell in the comment that which of these household recipes you want to adopt and why? Along with this, if you also know any domestic recipe for pimple treatment, then please tell us about it by writing in the comment box.

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