Which food should not eat with.

Which food should not eat with.

Which food should not eat with.
Which food should not eat with.
Food is such a thing without which we can not live life.
Friends Foods are essential for our lives, we can not live without food, such as without gasoline, diesel cannot run The cart, in the same way, we can not live life without, friends this food- Kinds of taste inspire us to eat. The nutrients that nutrients get from these foods,  run our body, and also gives the power to fight disease.
But friends have ever thought this kind of delicious food, which gives us the pleasure of eating, it can never be fatal for us.
Friends, Kudrat has provided us with many types of food. There are sour, sweet, pungent, and many types of food available. Which looks great in food.
Sometimes, friends, we want to enjoy this food once in a while. Are friends enjoying delicious food in all respects at one go, is it good for our health? Is that harmful to our health?
Friends, many of us do not know this thing, every food should be eaten once or not. Whether it is harmful to us or not, it is beneficial for us or not.
So it is very important for friends to know about the food we eat. Otherwise, it is sometimes too fatal for us.

Which food should not eat with.
Milk, curd, lemon, orange, banana, honey, ghee, fish and egg, etc. are nutritious. Usually, we eat in Lots of things to eat together But at the same time eating a few things along with some things to eat together. The bar can be harmful rather than advantages. According to the research of 'Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science', food with inverted qualities and mood swings can be damaged if consumed in excess quantity. i.e. Cold or hot, which is very cold or hot. Taste is sweet and salty; the properties are light and heavy, and Tasir is cold and warm, they should not eat together. Similarly, honey should never be heated by heating.

Do not eat these things with milk.
With milk, avoiding things made of curd, fish, urad dal, citrus fruits, sesame, and salt should be avoided. After eating fish, drinking milk can lead to digestive problems. Do not take milk and yogurt together. It may cause stomachache, vomiting. Do not drink milk after eating green vegetables and radish. Avoid drinking milk after eating eggs, meat, and paneer.

It is not good to eat honey in fever

Honey should never be heated by eating hot. Honey should not be eaten in fever also, it increases bile in the body. Ghee and honey can be harmful in equal amounts.

Citrus fruits eat harmful with curd

They are not able to digest due to different enzymes in curd and citrus fruits. The curd is cold, do not eat it with some hot cheese. Do not even eat yogurt with fish and chicken.

Do not eat cucumber-sweet fruits
 The orange and banana should not be eaten because citrus fruits cause an obstruction in sweet sugar from the sweet fruit. Due to this, digestion worsens. Along with this the nutritious fruit also decreases. Similarly, Do not eat sweets or juice with chicken-like. For ten days, the ghee kept in the bronze vessel should not be eaten.

Which food should not eat with. These things are deadly

 Baking wheat in spleen oil It can prove to be very fatal for your health.

 Hot substance consumption after curd, honey, and alcohol It can prove to be very fatal for your health.

 Junk with radish or fish It can prove to be very fatal for your health.

 Drinking cold water after tea. It can prove to be very fatal for your health.

 Curry or lassi with banana It can prove to be very fatal for your health.
Note, Which food should not eat with.
If friends are to live life the world then it is important to take food. Therefore, it is very important to have full knowledge of food items. Because food is that thing which keeps our body healthy. Friends, all of you know that good health is the essence of happiness. If your health is not good then you can never be happy. Everyone knows this. Therefore it is very important to know which foods when should they be taken, and what foods are in Which vitamin is found. There is a lack of Which vitamins in our body. What kind of problems do they have? It is important to know also. When we get information about this, we can eat vitamins foods rich in this way. This will soon eliminate the shortage of vitamins in your body and we may be quick to recover. Apart from this, it is important to know which foods should not be eaten much, and which foods should be eaten more often.

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